“Life isn't finding shelter in a storm, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.”

    — Sherrilyn Kenyon


    Your generous donation will help Innova House fulfill our mission of providing inspiration, knowledge and community
    for head/brain injury survivors, their families and caretakers.

  • Blaise Evers, Founder Innova House


    “Following my own survival and recovery with a first-hand experience of the extreme demands of a brain injury, not only upon myself, but also upon my family, friends and other loved ones, I have been on a passionate quest to create and establish an effective resource and support center that helps victims reclaim their lives along with their family, friends and caregivers. During the uncertain burdensome days, weeks, months and often years following the successful treatment by medical professionals, there remains a prolonged period of unpredictability and intense struggle.”


    “I love the name ‘INNOVA’— it's Latin for ‘RENEW’, a word synonymous with revive, refresh and restore.”


    Blaise Evers
    Innova House Founder & Executive Director


    Through the years, we've come to appreciate that supplementing a survivor's quest with informed and optimistic guidance, augmented with shared responsibility and supportive fellowship, will provide them with optimal odds of winning back a positive and responsible relationship, not only with one's self, but with the outside world.
    We seek to provide a victim and related inspiration, knowledge and community, together with a supportive acknowledgement of the courageous resolve and indomitable spirit of all seeking a rewarding recovery from perhaps life's most daunting and debilitating injury. The challenges following a brain injury call for such a formidable and unyielding response from the victim, as well as from those who will provide an empowering support and an inspiring assistance. We wish to kindle an ambitious hope for those who face challenges such as our Founder, Blaise Evers, did: a quite disturbing, long lasting and seemingly isolated ordeal.
    Within a non-profit, community based program, victims, their families/caregivers and members of the medical field could work together on program development and operations, providing an extensive offering of classes, workshops, outings, peer-to-peer support activities and individual coaching and counseling. We would also provide advice, referrals or simply be there to listen. No one would be left alone to cope with the life changing and often lifelong emotional, behavioral and social impairments suffered because of a brain injury.
    Our vision for INNOVA HOUSE is to provide the support of a Professional Advisory Council, whose members would include therapists (occupational and physical), speech pathologists as well as doctors of psychology, neuropsychology and neurosurgery. We seek to provide education and resources to brain injury survivors, their family members and caregivers; in addition to promoting public awareness and social advocacy regarding brain injury. We believe it essential that brain injury survivors be given opportunities to recover to their greatest potential and be welcomed back into the community as productive members.


    “There is a tremendous need today for informative, knowledgeable and compassionate resources, as related to victims of brain trauma and their loved ones. One entity that I am personally familiar with is the INNOVA HOUSE. Blaise Evers is experienced in most every facet of understanding and managing the daily issues involved; in having lived as a victim of this severely demanding injury of brain trauma.


    Do not hesitate to investigate this charitable and well conceived endeavor for any needs and/or concerns; as it is an opportunity for some peace and comfort for victims, families, friends and caregivers; and/or anyone interested in how they can make a difference.”

    Steve Koziatek



    INNOVA HOUSE is a non-profit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Specifically, this organization has been formed to educate the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community, and to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged. Our organization has designed and developed programs in furtherance of our purposes. These programs are currently planned to be in place post COVID-19.
    INNOVA HOUSE will be a center for inspiration, knowledge and community for head/brain injury survivors, their families and caretakers. Towards this end we will research, study and celebrate the early evolution of the neurosurgical management of head/brain trauma, particularly of Peru during the Inca and pre-Inca period. We will be a world-class resource and support center for those interested in the history of neurosurgery. As a tribute to great achievements in neurosurgery, in concert with our sister organization, Replifacts, we have reproduced in bronze and other choice fine art mediums a selection of trephined skulls and surgical instruments from pre-Columbia Peru. We honor this living legacy in our work and will continue to produce similar works honoring the advancements to neurosurgery made by other civilizations. Our organization’s specific activities will include the following:


    Blaise Evers, Founder and Executive Director of Innova House, will continue to provide educational speeches and seminars at Hospitals, Hospices and Museums to educate the general public about Brain trauma, neurosurgery and the resources available for the brain injured individual. Replifacts will have the services of Milenko Karanovich, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy/Intellectual History, San Diego City College, San Diego CA. Dr.Karanovich will act as an Advisor as well as a Research Assistant. Dr. Karanovich has published a good number of scholarly works and is internationally appreciated as an eminent academic.







    Artistic works in the form of trephined skulls and related surgical implements will be used as a centerpiece for education and fundraising. These works of art celebrate and educate viewers about the advances of neurosurgery throughout history and up to present times. It is our hope that these Fine Art reproductions will give the brain injured and their families hope and encouragement on their path towards an able, rewarding recovery.


    Download your complimentary copy of
    "The Development of Neurosurgery During the Pre-Inca and Inca periods"

    This paper celebrates ancient Peru's outstanding contribution to the early evolution of the neurosurgical arts, and features a number of Blaise's bronze sculptural works honoring the singular achievements of Peru.



    Innova House will act as a resource and support center for the brain injured and their families. This will be accomplished through the production of written materials and videos and through the use of the Replifacts website using all technological means at its’ disposal.



    All fundraising activities will be coordinated from the Organization’s California offices currently located in Hemet, California. Fundraising activities will consist of grant writing, art showings, special events, speaking engagements, and a donation button on our website. We will also utilize an “opt in” database and solicit supporters of Replifacts to donate via email and US mail.

  • “Following a TBI, a 'catastrophic reaction' can trigger a retreat into one's self.
    The emotional shift from looking inward to reaching outward takes time.
    But when we turn away from the compelling story of ourselves, we find the unexpected: compassion, possibility and community.”

    Kurt Goldstein (1878-1965)
    German Neurologist and Psychiatrist


    Thoughts and reflections on the challenges related to brain injuries.

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