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Patience, hard work and resiliency

By Blaise Evers, Innova House Founder and Director

In 1989, Blaise was a victim of a horrific automobile accident that left the person sitting next to him dead and himself suffering a catastrophic head/brain injury, along with a number of other bodily injuries. The most severe detriment suffered was his loss of self in the amnesia that occurred consequential to his brain injury. Nevertheless, a passion of considerable strength was reawakened from the past that carried him forward with an inflexible resolve to prevail.

The harsh demands on his mind, body and spirit were at times, he felt, insurmountable. Yet, the passionate support and loving encouragement from so many, especially his three daughters and their mother provided such a compelling impetus to remain engaged and doggedly fight on. Many years of arduous struggles ensued, accompanied with numerous disappointments and heartaches, but Blaise has very favorably recovered from this tragedy, and with a new spirit of life.

In the wake of this life changing experience, Blaise has become inspired to celebrate the powerful resilience within the spirit of man that is an inherent part of the human experience; which drives us all to survive, and by which any number of extraordinary things are made to happen. Blaise is seeking to provide any brain injury survivor an empowering example of able, rewarding recovery. The challenges following a brain injury call out for such a formidable, non-yielding response from its victims and he is wishing to kindle an ambitious, operative hope for those who face such as he once did: a quite disturbing, long lasting and outright isolated ordeal.

Blaise knows all too well, the gruesome perplexity within one's understanding and final acceptance of an injury to his or her brain. As well, he understands the extreme demands invariably endured, that need be reckoned with. With utmost respect and appreciation for any traumatic brain injury survivor, he will personally always remain available.

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